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Frequently asked questions in DrizzleRO.

[Q] ~ What are the zeny paid services offered in the server?

[A] ~ They are the following:

  • Change character name 500,000 zeny. (aldeba_in 148 243)
  • Move character slot (character select screen) 300,000 zeny. (aldeba_in 148 243)
  • Pass Guild leadership 800,000 zeny. These can not be done during WOE hours. (aldeba_in 148 243)
  • Character Sex Change 800,000 zeny. (geffen 42 98)
  • Marriage 2,500,000 zeny. (prt_church & xmas_in 'north lutie, church')

[Q] ~ How to activate server floating rates?

[A] ~ Go find 'Contract Manager' at (prontera 237 312 'outside prt_church'). Donate zeny and meet his required server funds to activate Floating Rates in 48hours. Every hour rates will change between x5 exp to x8 exp (Droprates not included on this feature!). After floating rate event ends, there will be 5days cooldown before you can donate again.

[Q] ~ How to refund character status points?

[A] ~ Find the Therapist in west sea side of ayothaya (79,173) and talk to her. She will ask you to bring Magical Stones/Premium Reset Stones (DCP Shop) and Zeny, 1 to 4 stones and 200,000z to 800,000z depending your base & job level. For first jobs, refund stat service is free to selected jobs (Swordsman, Acolyte, Mage, Thief, Archer, Merchant, Taekwon, Gunslinger and Ninja) with no limits and cooldown. You will get 1 free stats refund when you reached job level 41 (Trans Class). Ah! I almost forgot, you must lower your weight to `0` first.

[Q] ~ Where are the stylists?

[A] ~ In Prontera town look for an icon on your map in south west that says Salon and click it.

[Q] ~ How to set my auto-commands?

[A] ~ You can use the command @autocmd. From there, you can toggle your basic commands [on/off] and will automatically run when you re-login.

[Q] ~ Is there any special donations like cards or equipments?

[A] ~ We do not sell cards or equipments in our DCP Shop since you can hunt it in-game. We want to maintain fair gameplay between donors and non-donors. We can only offer usables, misc's items and costumes with utility stats like additional exp/droprates etc.

[Q] ~ How open a Bank Account?

[A] ~ You need to open an account first in lighthalzen bank. You should find and talk to the Bank Manager in (lhz_in02 25,36) and finish the Bank Quest. After finishing the quest, the Bank button on your basic info window (Alt+V) will be unlocked the deposit and withdraw zeny function with every character in your account.

[Q] ~ When will WoE open and what types of WoE formats are available on this server?

[A] ~ Once player population and number of guilds are at a healthy state for WoE we will open a castle and monitor the need for additional castles. We offer 2 types of WoE - one that allows MVP and Mini-boss cards, and one that does not allow those cards.

[Q] ~ Are there any measures to prevent GM abuse?

[A] ~ Gamemasters like Event Manger, Support or any GM level that is lower than Admin has restrictions to prevent abuse on server. Here are all the GM restrictions that we created on DrizzleRO:

  • Unable to create, produce and trade items.
  • Able to use @recall, @guildrecall and @partyrecall except WOE hours.
  • Able to use @warp in every maps except MVP, Quest, Instances maps.
  • Able to use @go except on Quest Towns.
  • Able to use @monster but limited monster IDs only.
  • Able to use @jumpto and @follow but will automatically get kicked out if the player he follow is on restricted maps.
  • Able to spectate woe but on chat block and attack block mode.