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Server Rules

All players must agree to follow all our server rules. Failure to follow may result action taken againts your account.

In-Game Rules

In-Game Rules
  • Hacking, Botting or any use of third-party program is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of autohotkeys, adelay, xrag, macros and autoclickers.
  • You are only allowed to use client files provided by DrizzleRO from our download page. You are not allowed to further modify client files which may affect visual or gameplay. For example, Big MVP and Big Card sprites are not allowed as they affect the gameplay directly.
    • Exeptions: Changing sprites to enhance visual effects which do not affect the fair gameplay is allowed.
    • Homunculus AIs are allowed as long as it does not auto feed and make a player auto-walk.
    • Modifying ground texture to enhance visibility for PVP and WOE is allowed.
  • Using Graymap/Tilemap is strictly prohibited.
  • Chatrooms/Vending/Buying rules:
    • Do not bypass the nochat/nopub/novend zone.
    • Do not put false advertisement message in your shop title intended to deceive players.
    • Use proper shop names. Empty/Symbols/Offensive shop titles are strictly forbidden.
  • Do not spam skills on town/inn maps. For example, using Icewall in town is not allowed.
  • Do not exploit or leverage bugs witch could result to unfair advantage unintended from the game's design or which would disrupt server environment and unbalancing the economy. For example, attempting to duplicate items, anything that automates zeny/item or abusing errors in monster behavior, etc. Such exploitable behavior will result to Permanent Ban.
  • Do not pretend to be a Gamemaster or Administrator. Do not name your character to that of a Gamemaster, imitate a GM in-game or claim that you know one of them in order to use that as a leverage for any given situation.
  • Do not use names with offensive or inappropriate words specially if it was intended to directly or indirectly insult/offend others.
  • Other Important Rules
  • Do not advertise or recommend other servers or game within in-game chat, channels or through forum posts, private message or via discord channel.
  • You are responsible for your account’s security. Be certain to choose a strong, secure password that you will not easily forget. Or better use secondary password.
  • DrizzleRO Staffs are not responsible if your items or account are compromised or hacked just because someone decieved you.
  • Should you give out your password to anyone, you take full responsibility for their actions with your account, including botting, scamming, item loss, character deletion, or any other rule violation.
  • Please note: these rules may change without notice or warning as deemed necessary by DrizzleRO staff..
  • Use Your Common Sense: Just because your specific offense has not listed in the rules, that doesn't mean you are immune to Jailings, Account Suspension.
  • Item Recovery

    Item Recovery
  • Don't lend any valuable items or equipments to anyone for any reason.
  • Do not entrust your login credentials (account username/password and forum access) to anyone.
  • When trading items to someone, make sure you are not on a crowded place and double check the name of player to avoid trading items to wrong person/character.
  • When doing such trades, make sure that all items are complete before confirming zeny payment.
  • Check all items on trading window before clicking "Trade". Make sure they really giving you the items they said the would by checking item name, slots. and item descriptions.
  • Do not let someone else transfer your items between your characters in different accounts for you. Use in-game service like Mail or dual login your both accounts.
  • If someone claims to be a Gamemaster or Administrator and asked for your account password, don't give it to them. Real Gamemasters will never ask for your password. Instead, take a screenshot of the conversation and report it to us immediately.
  • If you got scammed, report it to us by submitting a Support Ticket. If you take longer than 24hours from the time you discovered the scam to report, we may not be able to help you.
  • When posting items to vend, make sure you set the right item price.
  • When overupgrading, make sure that you're upgrading the right item.
  • Items that can be bought by Drizzle Coins are not refundable. Make sure you are clicking the right item before confirming the purchase.
  • Staff Relations

    Staff Relations
  • Gamemasters or Administrators will never ask for any of your items or account password in-game.
  • Gamemasters or Administrators will never giveaway zeny, items, leech a players.
  • Always show respect to all Gamemasters in-game or in forums/discord.
  • Do not spam messages to Gamemasters. Be patient!
  • Do not ask to become a Gamemaster.
  • Do not beg for items to any Gamemasters.
  • All Gamemasters reserve the right to suspend account/mute player/jail for rule violation without warning.